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Genuine GM Chevrolet GMC Buick ECOTEC 2.4L DOHC Cylinder Head Assembly 12608279

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Part Number:RH12608279
This is a New GM OE Stock ECOTEC 2.4L L4 Cylinder Head Assembly. 

* Part # : 12608279

* Description : Stock GM ECOTEC DOHC 2.4L L4 Cylinder Head Assembly with casting # 12608279

* fitment guide :
  CAPTIVA SPORT 12-15 (2.4L) 
  EQUINOX 11 2.4L 
  EQUINOX 12-16 2.4L, California emissions, opt NU5 
  EQUINOX 12-16 2.4L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
  EQUINOX 17 2.4L
  IMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LUK), California emissions, opt NU1
  IMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LUK), Federal emissions (opt NT7)
  LACROSSE 11-12 2.4L, w/o California emissions
  LACROSSE 13-14 2.4L, California emissions, opt NU1
  LACROSSE 13-14 2.4L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
  LACROSSE 15-16 2.4L
  MALIBU 13-14 2.4L, California emissions, opt NU1
  MALIBU 13-14 2.4L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
  ORLANDO 12-14
  REGAL 11 2.4L, w/opt AUA (mid-year change), w/o California emissions
  REGAL 12 2.4L
  REGAL 13-14 2.4L, Canada emissions
  REGAL 13-14 2.4L, Federal emissions
  REGAL 15-17 2.4L
  TERRAIN 11 2.4L
  TERRAIN 12-16 2.4L, California emissions, opt NU5
  TERRAIN 12-17 2.4L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
  VERANO 12-17 2.4L

Remanufacturing Process Includes:

   - Complete disassembly and thorough cleaning via hot tank & pressure tested to confirm casting integrity

   - New valve seats installed as necessary

   - New valve stem seals installed on all our heads & all valve guides are replaced with new ones as necessary.

   - Valve job Performed with all required angles & vacuum tested seals to ensure perfect compression.

   - PCD milled to ensure a super smooth finish. (PCD stands for Polycrystalline Diamond, and is best for aluminum heads).

   - CBN milled to ensure a super smooth finish. (CBN stands for Cubic Boron Nitride and is best for cast-iron heads).

   - All necessary parts are cleaned and inspected before final assembly to meet AERA specifications

***Bishop Engine 90-day (Unlimited Miles) Remanufactured Cylinder Head Warranty***

Bishop Engine offers buyers a 90-days (Unlimited Miles) warranty for Remanufactured Cylinder Heads beginning on the ship date. Products for warranty consideration must be returned to Bishop Engine at the buyer’s expense (unless otherwise agreed) for warranty inspection. Bishop Engine will honor this warranty after determining the defect. This warranty covers replacement parts only. This warranty does NOT cover the following:

  • Any portion of labor costs such as removing, re-installing, or the replacement of parts including but not limited to gaskets, head bolts, valves, cylinder head castings, filters, fluids, A/C Freon, etc.
  • Any portion of costs related to towing fees, substitute transportation, lodging, personal or property damage, loss of income, profit or sales.
  • Any type of evidence of damage due to overheating, pre-ignition or detonation, abuse, or neglect
  • Any type of damage that occurs from improper installation
  • Any type of evidence of marine or water craft usage
  • Any pre-existing problems related to cooling, carburation, fuel injection, egr valve, catalytic converter, electrical, computer-sensors, belts, or anything else not mentioned.
  • Any type of alteration to the product such as resurfacing the bottom, or installing high performance accessories, etc. 
  • Installation of incorrect parts. If it is determined that the buyer bought the wrong head for the application, this warranty is voided

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