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Genuine Mopar Dodge Chrysler Jeep 5.7L Hemi Fuel Injector 5037479AC BENCH TESTED

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Part Number:INJ 5037479AC

We are an Aftermarket and OE Supplier for Engine Replacement Parts, who specialize in both Domestic and Foreign Auto Parts

This is a Used Genuine MOPAR 5.7L Fuel Injectors. Fuel Injectors are machine tested. 

*  injector # : 5037479AC ; 5037479AD

* information : 5.7L HEMI fuel injector

Fuel Injector Cleaning Process:

  • ·        Visually Inspected before any test is performed
  • ·        Primed and Leak Tested
  • ·        Tested for Inductance/Electrical Current
  • ·        Spray Pattern and Flow Rates are recorded
  • ·        Ultrasonic Cleaning is Performed
  • ·        Retested for Leaks, Spray Patterns, and Flow Rates

Fits the following Make/Model:

300 11-16 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
300 17-19 (fuel injector), 5.7L
CHALLENGER 08 Fuel Injector; (6.1L)
CHALLENGER 17-19 (fuel injector), 5.7L
CHARGER 11-16 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
CHARGER 17-19 (fuel injector), 5.7L
COMMANDER 10 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
DODGE 1500 PICKUP 09 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
DODGE 1500 PICKUP 10 Fuel Injector; 5.7L, VIN 1 (6th digit)
DODGE 1500 PICKUP 11-16 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
DODGE 1500 PICKUP 17 (fuel injector), 5.7L
DODGE 2500 PICKUP 09-11 Fuel Injector; 5.7L (gasoline)
DODGE 2500 PICKUP 12-17 (fuel Injector), 5.7L, gasoline (VIN T, 8th digit)
DODGE 3500 PICKUP 09 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
DODGE 3500 PICKUP 11-15 Fuel Injector; chassis cab, 5.7L
DODGE 3500 PICKUP 13-17 Fuel Injector; Pickup, 5.7L
DURANGO 11-16 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
DURANGO 17 (fuel Injector); 5.7L
DURANGO 18-19 (fuel injector), 5.7L
GRAND CHEROKEE 10-16 Fuel Injector; 5.7L
GRAND CHEROKEE 17 (fuel Injector); 5.7L
GRAND CHEROKEE 18-19 (fuel Injector), 5.7L

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